97 Odyssey Engine Dies

For the past 3 months our 97 Honda Odyssey’s engine will die while driving the car. You get no warning (the van has actually been running great). I have noticed that it seems to happen more when the car is slowing down but my wife said it happened on the highway at a steady speed. The car idles fine and it happens with or without the air conditioner on. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Before anyone can venture a guess, we need more information such as:

How many miles are on the odometer?
Is the Check Engine Light (CEL) lit up?
If you have attempted to have the problem repaired, what was done by the mechanic?

And, perhaps most important of all–Please give us a detailed maintenance history–not just a statement like, “it has been well-maintained”.

The van has 175,000 miles. We have been good about routine maintenance but the latest highlights have included a second timing belt, replaced front engine seals, and the radiator was replaced in November 2008. The van was idling poorly around the same time and we had the idle control valve replaced. Recent vibrations when braking resulted in replacing the front pads and rotors along with the rear pads in April 2010. The Check Engine light is not on. Thanks again.