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1999 Grand Prix GTP Supercharged Engine

I have had 2 mechanics tell me I need new front bushings and 1 said no. How would I know if I do? Would my car make any sounds etc…?

Which bushings? What symptoms caused you to visit the two mechanics?

Front bushings. A dealer told me when my car was in for a oil change.

Do you have any symptoms, such as knocking/ratling sounds or a wobbly steering wheel?

At 11-12 years old, you may need new bushngs. The only way to tell really is under the car. If you can get a look-see perhaps with ramps and a piece of corrogated cardboard), manually shake parts with bushings to be sure they’re not loose, and look for badly cracked bushings with pieces missing. Mild cracking on the surface of a bushing does not mean it’s bad unless it’s also loose.

Be sure the car is safely elevated before getting under it and shaking parts. I like ramps with wheel chocks.