1999 ford windstar won't start

1999 ford windstar no spark. I changed out cam sensor, ran fine for a week. then no spark. changed cam again, ran fine about a week. no spark again, let set a week, started right up and ran, so I was told the crank sensor might be knocking out the cam sensor, so I replaced crank sensor. van ran well for 3 months, now I have no spark again. what could possibly be making these sensors keep going out?

I just put in another cam sensor and it started right up. Started and shut it off several times. Took it for a drive, went 1 mile and it died while driving. It restarted but had no power and it died again. now it won’t start. Any ideas? Thanks

I think you might have a wiring problem, may not necessarily a cam sensor problem. Have you done a wiggle test? (That is, start the car, wiggle the connector, wires going in to the connector, wiring leading away from the connector, and the harness that it goes in to?)

Yes, I moved all the wires around, made no differance.