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1999 Ford Mustang new trans cost estimate

I have roughly 200,000 miles on my car and my transmission is slipping. about how much will it cost to replace it?

Check here for the answer to that question;

Have been checking the fluid level and having the fluid and filter changed as per the owners manual?

You may not have to replace the transmission (i.e. it could be repaired/rebuilt). But… I’d wager the cost of a new/rebuilt transmission would exceed the value of the car. If that’s important to you.

Good luck.

There’s a “soft” rebuild and a “hard” rebuild. The former is seals, gaskets, clutch packs, etc. The latter is all of that plus a new solenoid pack, new or reman converter, etc.

The latter is preferable but more expensive.

Ifyou have been lax in fluid and filter (if applicable) that may be all it needs.