1999 Ford Focus - Lights but no action

Car was starting just fine noise from starter. Went to go start it and nothing. RED LIGHTS ALL LIT UP ON DASH BOARD LIKE USUAL BUT NOTHING ELSE. lights didnt dim at all when i turned the keyChecked for spark there wasnt any

Your starter is probably worned after 20 years of service. Should cost you less than $120 if you replace it yourself.

To check for a WORN starter, take something a baseball bat and give the starter a couple of good whacks.

If the starter works, replace the starter.


Used the same method on a 1500 Fiat when I was in college. Carried a hammer with me. After graduating I sold the car… and the hammer

If automatic trans, faulty neutral safety switch is another possibility. Try starting in N rather than P. And try slightly moving the gear selector lever one way then the other as you turn the key to start.