1999 ford escort zx2 repair cost $900?

Hi, took the car into the shop for it’s regular 175,000 miles maintenance check up. The total cost is $900 which includes brakes, ball joints calipers and gasket repair. Not including struts

Is this a reasonable price?

FROM WHAT YOU LISTED , not sure too vage

Everything I listed above needs to be replaced at the ford dealership. I just wold like to know is this normal or above normal pricing for this type of work on this type of car.

For a dealership, the pricing sounds normal, even cheap, assuming all the work was needed. But you need to find a good independent shop, all that work does not require a dealership. Click on ‘mechanics files’ above and see if you can find one in your area.

4 wheel brakes with pads only is 200. Replace rotors, add 200. Replace 2 calipers, add 100. So a major brake job could be 500 easy. Yes, I have seen $20 rotors and $90 rotors. We can debate cheap or expensive brake jobs forever. It’s like a paint job. Good, better , best. Now throw in ball joints. Replace control arms too? Alignment? 2 wheel or 4 wheel? Gasket? Oil pan? Valve cover? Timing cover? Huge price difference

don’t need dealer for this kind of service

For a dealership, that’s a very reasonable price actually.

I don’t think we can help someone who would take a 1999 Escort to a Ford dealer for a 175,000 mile checkup. At that age and mileage they are going to hit you with everything but the kitchen sink because they know they probably won’t get another oppertunity to make money off that car.

This website gives “should cost” estimates for repair work. I’ve found it to be reasonably accurate.

The price does seem reasonable, and–depending on which gasket(s) are being replaced–it may be a very reasonable total. Can the OP tell us more about the “gasket repair”?

By the way, I’ve lost track of how many times a dealer has told me I needed a new valve cover gasket or oil pan gasket, often when said gasket wasn’t leaking at all, or leaking such a trivial amount of oil as to be not worth the expense. Ask the dealer to show you the leak and judge for yourself whether it’s actually of any significance. Chances are it’s not.

Never use a dealership for anything after the warranty runs out. Get a second opinion from a good independent mechanic.

The dealer can provide valuable services outside the warranty. I got a great price on a timing belt replacement for my Accord last September. I got 3 estimates for the same items and the dealer had the lowest price by more than 10%.