1999 Ford Escort LX


My son may have bought a lemon on my advice. Driving it home it broke down, but the seller was nice enough to take it back and fix it at no cost. Now 3 weeks have passed and it was sluggish and losing power and the throttle sticks, and the check engine light came on. My future son0in-law did the outzone computer check and it came up as: 1) Pedal position error 2) Throttle error and 3) Mass air flow sensor error. Any suggestions on a problem or fix for the ailing condition. I am trying to save face here as a dad and father-in-law. Help. Thanks.

  1. Pedal position error, Bad TPS Sensor. Test before replacing.

  2. Throttle Error, same as 1)

  3. MAF sensor error. Bad MAF. Test before replacing.

All of these errors will cause the problems you describe.


Your auto parts store will have a MAF spray cleaner. Try That. Also, try an intake spray cleaner. A repair manual and a $25 digital multimeter from Walmart are all you need to save mucho dollah.


Thanks. I will give it a try.