Project car (nonrunning) help

ok long story short thanks to my brother i aquired a ford escort lx sport that has around 170,000 miles on it. and right now im trying to figure out the nest way to start fixing it.

ok after getting it into my driveway (brutal task) i thought id give the try to start it and with no assistance it wont start but if you play with the throttle it does start but makes loud knockin and doesnt stay running.

i checked the oil and it looks relatively new so i kno theres oil in it im thinking that possibly maybe the time jumped? but i have no idea how to test that theory at the moment. i kno i have to get it TDC and look at the timing gear right?

the most im willing to do to this car is replace the head but i want to eliminate the easier options first. then again nothing is really easy when it comes to cars right? heheh

You could get it to TDC on the compression stroke (both valves closed) and check the rotor position. You don’t give a year, so I’ll assume it’s a distributor based system.

You might also want to check the fuel line pressure. It sounds like you have spark.

If you do get it running and still hear knocking, you may end up pulling the pan and checking for a spun bearing.

oh sorry i thinks its around 2001 didnt look at the year yet so it has an ignition coil

would low pressure cause a knocking? or do you think thats just the no running part? sorry had a long day so im a bit slow.

If i were to drop the pan. (last resort) what would i look at the caps? never seen a spun bearing before. much less the inside of a oil pan. havent had to drop it before

ok i think maybe i found the problem but im not to sure. i check the codes and i only got one and it was P0340 camshaft position sensor circuit. so more than likely the sensor failed and i can hopefully get a new one soon and fix it. does anyone know how to change one though?

I wouldn’t get too deep into this thing financially until you determine if this knock is up top or down low. If it’s down low then I agree with mountainbike about dropping the pan and checking the bearings. This could mean bad news.

Let me add this. You state it has relatively new oil in it. I’ve seen a number of engines that were wiped out for whatever reason and the car owners were under the impression that changing the oil and filter would cure a serious engine problem.
I’ve even seen a couple of engines that had connecting rods sticking through the engine block and the owners were under the impression that fresh oil would make everything fine.

You can see my point about fresh oil being a reason for suspicion. Knock on wood that this scenario does not apply.

i got it started and i think the noise i heard is some rough vibration when it ran (for like maybe 3 seconds) i got it to rev a lil and the noise went away but then again it couldve just harmonized with everything else.

what im gonna try first is the camshaft sensor since it look almost like the easiest thing to get to right now. and if that dont work then il go to the oil pan and check there