1999 Ford Escort Losing Power

My daughters 1999 ford escort runs great,it has 160000 mi. Although when u drive for approx 30-40 mn it will begin to lose power and pushing harder on the accelorator makes it worse. As You drive longer it gets worse and eventually stalls. When you pull over and let it set a few you can start up and drive away, only for this problem to happen again.

With suggestion from a few “experts” I changed the catalytic converter and both O2 sensors, still the same outcome, whats the problem?

Any lights on the dash?
Feel the wheels to see if brakes are dragging

It does have a service engine light on, but not sure why. As for the brakes the emergency brakes were locked when I had a mech shop check the stalling prob, but they disconnected them and i have not checked to see if they are still dragging. I’ll check this, thanks

Except for the “runs OK for 30 - 40 min” part, this sounds like the symptoms I once got from a clogged fuel filter. My filter was way overdue for changing. How about yours?

Call and find auto parts store that will read code for free from check engine light and post here.
Why did they not fix emergency brake?
Experts should have told you to find repair place that can test o2 sensors before replacing, thats called throwing parts at trouble witch is wrong and expensive.
Also does it do it every time you drive that long and how long does it have to set before it will be ok?

I agree. It only has to set for 5 mn before it will start up and drive away. Could it be some heat sensor?? The gauge reads normal so I wouldn’t think that to be the problem.

I changed filter and still has problem, Thanks