1999 Ford Contour - Won't start after fuel leak

My daughters car died on her today and was leaking gas. We have it home now but when the tow truck driver put it on the vehicle we saw the gas leaking from the fuel pump. We found a hose that came undone and fixed it but the car won’t start. It tries but won’t start. Any suggestions on what we can do?

Your fuel pump is toast and you need a new one.

It could very well be as @COROLLAGUY1 has stated or it could be that the fuel pump tripped the breaker inside the vehicle… Usually Fords fuel pump breaker is on the pass side foot well on the right side behind a cover

Look for your fuel cutoff safety breaker in the owners manual or internet and see if it popped. This breaker is meant to trip in a roll over or other accident to shut off the fuel pump. Sometimes they trip if the fuel pump is on its way out etc… or if the pump gets overloaded etc. Perhaps the leak caused the pump to blow the breaker?

My old Ford Tempo had one in the trunk.Think it was a button you had to press to cut out the fuel supply.

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Found the breaker and it popped when pressing it. The fuel pump is making the sound that it should by all the videos that I have watched to see if it is working. Changed out the fuel filter and had to change out the battery. Battery was leaking too when we checked it.

For the “cranks ok, but won’t catch and run” problem, first objective is to determine if it is caused by no-fuel, or no spark. Ask your shop to either give it a dose of starter spray into the air intake, either that or check for a healthy visible spark at a spark plug during cranking. The results of those tests will determine what to try next. One obvious suggestion, since it was leaking fuel, it might now be out of gas.

If the breaker needed resetting that means it did indeed trip before you found the breaker, correct? If it popped again when you reset it then this is No Bueno… Probably means the fuel pump is either toast or it is as close to toast as you will want to get.

Im a bit confused about when you state that the pump sounds normal… How can it sound normal if the breaker pops again when you try to reset it? Perhaps I am reading what you are saying incorrectly. Back to the breaker popping again…if it cannot be reset and stay reset then you need a new fuel pump, or you have damaged wires that are shorting out that circuit, but I would go with a new pump first especially if there is no other reason to suspect damaged wires.

Let us know what you find.