1999 Ford Contour traction control

I need to know how to turn the traction control off bc it’s a svt and I race it but I came to a drag race and my traction control came on and won’t let me born out?

You might start by looking in your owners manual to see if there is a button (or series of buttons) to turn it off or a traction control fuse you can remove so you can do a burnout.

Remove fuse #7 in the fuse box.


ABS Braking System.

If the ABS doesn’t work, neither does the traction control.

It’ll cause the ABS/VSC/Check Engine light to come on.

Then when you’re done racing, reinstall the fuse. And the lights will turn off.


I guess I am missing something here. A front wheel drive Contour ( Burnouts ) a 1/4 mile time of 15 seconds . Doesn’t sound like race car stuff to me.

The Contour SVT could haul ass!



Look at page 22 of your owner’s manual. Also, I’m not really sure how successful you’re going to be drag racing this car, it was moderately quick by the standards of it’s day, but is going to get it’s doors blown off by most any modern car with sporting pretensions. The Contour SVT was made to be more a autocross/road racing sedan, competitive with entry level BMW E36’s or lower end MB W202’s . And not to be a jerk, but if you don’t know how to disable the traction control on your own car, especially when there’s a button the left side of the dashboard which has the traction control icon on it, then you probably don’t need to be racing anyone.

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