1999 explorer transmission

? I Have A 1999 Ford Explorer, Automatic Transmission. Transmission Lunges And RPM Seems To Get Faster When Shifting At 25-30 Mph, Can You Help?

First thing to do is check the transmission fluid.

How many miles on this vehicle? Has the fluid ever been changed?

Fluid level OK: added Lucas conditioner
130K miles; fluid last changed at 40,000

Sadly, your transmission is probably supposed to have a complete transmission fluid change every 30,000 miles unless it is operated under severe conditions. You may have ruined it. What engine/transmission is it? Your description is a little wanting. Does the fluid look nice and red or brown and smell burned. I fear you need professional evaluation and I fear the worst.

The Lucas Conditioner is a nice idea, but it cannot undo the damage done by going at least 90k without a fluid and filter change.

The only clue to the vehicle’s current odometer mileage is the note about adding the Lucas Conditioner at 130k. For all we know, the tranny could have far more miles on it by this point. Based on available information, this means that at least 3 fluid changes were skipped, and no “miracle in a can” can undo that kind of neglect.

Based on what I have observed over the years, transmission failure is likely anytime after 90k when a transmission has not been serviced as it should have been. Hopefully you can be more proactive with your next vehicle.

Incidentally, you should avoid AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, and any other chain operation for the transmission overhaul that is probably needed at this point.