1999 Chrysler Sebring jxi Conv 2.5 engine miss


Need a Little help.

The car drive great for the first 20 minutes and then begins to miss.Very noticeable while driving, Slight at Idle

Have actron computer, did a road trip

and looked at the 02 sensors, they look normal fluctuating in sinc, until car starts to miss, the the #2 sensor reads rich and stay on the rich side with little fluctuating, the other sensor reads same as when car is running ok.

the tail pipe looks like the cars is running rich. If car sets and cools off for a couple of hours, it runs great for the first 20 minutes.

No codes are showing up.

I have cleaned the intake, and have check the intake for leaks, no vacuum leaks that I can tell.

My next step is to replace the 02 sensor #2.

Any suggestions?


sounds like a bad injector.if one of the injectors is spraying to much fuel it would explain the car running to rich.


would the injector, if bad, work ok until the car heats up? The car runs great for the first 20 minutes or so. Then the miss developes.