1999 Chrysler Concorde - will driving 70 in 3rd gear hurt the car?

ran car in 3rd gear xway 70 mi per hour 30 mi well this hurt car

I am assuming you have a 4 speed automatic with 4th being overdrive. Should not be a problem. What was the RPM at 70MPH?

That would be the preferred gear for steep mountain driving and trailer towing. It won’t damage the vehicle but you will get fewer miles per gallon.

My brother in law puled a camper all over Europe with his Mitsubishi Lancer in third gear.

my 96 intrepid had the 3.5 and it was solid. your concorde could have the 2.7 and you should be happy if its still running. i can barely recall driving the intrepid now. but it was ok.

Many years ago, I drove from Cincinnati to Dayton, Ohio–on the interstate, at 70 mph–in second gear*. (My car–a '71 Charger–had a three-speed automatic.) I drove the car for another 2 years, and there were no engine-related problems whatsoever.

*I can’t mention what distracted me on that drive, as this is a family-oriented forum.


A racer buddy of mine says it does not hurt a good engine to go fast, I would not recommend it but you are probably ok.

Heard about guy speeding to keep his revs up as his alternator was dying. Told cop that. Cop said why not drive in 2nd gear?