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Mountain driving

I have a T&C stow and go which does everything I need except it is worthless in the mountains. The 3.3l engine doesn’t need to go uphill fast, but the 4-spd transmission won’t keep the speed down going the other way. Consequently I overuse the brakes.

I am looking at a newer model with a 3.8l engine and 6-spd auto transmission. Is that transmission standard on all Grand Caravan SXT and T&C Touring models? If so, will it really hold the selected gear so I can go downhill safely (and not irritage the locals behind me whle in low gear)?

You should be able to lock out the overdrive and get the transmission to remain in third gear, which should provide adequate braking under any highway driving situation. Where do you live/drive??

If 3rd gear doesn’t hold back enough, try 2nd gear. The larger engine and 6 speed tranny would not make much difference.

With private autos speed control downhill is more about driving technique than equipment,just don’t let the speed ever get so high that extended brake application is required,brake,let them cool,brake,let them cool.