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1999 chevy tahoe 5.7 vortec engine

i had trouble with car since i had distributor replaced. took to chevy dealer and had put on diagnostic machine.
was told car was out of time and had wrong distibutor , said distributor that was put in was non adjustable i didn`t know
this car could have 2 different types of distibutors he replaced disributor and timed it .car runs fine was i scammed???

@zlots…did the dealer give you back the old distributor? If they did and you still have it…post the identification # and we can possibly look it up for you. The distributor may have physically fit the engine but it could be the wrong one for your particular engine. I highly doubt that you were “scammed.”

Your engine has a distributor that is factory set along with the crank sensor for your engine. The vehicle computer controls engine timing. The distributor must be set with a scan tool when being replaced and turning your distributor to time the engine will not work.

@zlots I believe I already gave you advice a few months ago.

Here’s the distributor you should have.

The distributor hold down is slotted. Cam retard needs to be set with a scan tool. It is set at roughly 1000 rpm. It needs to be set to 0 plus or minus 2 degrees. The slots are for adjusting the cam retard while hooked up to the scanner. After it’s set, tighten the hold down screw and go on your way.

The later model 5.7 and 7.4 need to have the cam retard set.

Did you get fault code P1345

Who replaced ur distributor? When did they do it? 1 month ago or 1 yr ago? Why not go back to them and discuss the issue? U had proper Dist installed and vehicle runs fine now. Ur issue is with first repair outfit. Talk to them.