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1999 Chevrolet Z71 steering Trouble

I can not turn right at low speeds on no speed but I can turn left at any speed?

Can you rephrase into a question rather than a statement with a question mark at the end? Also making the question coherent would be nice. Lastly a few more pieces of information: mileage, 4wd/2wd, other symptoms, any other information you might think is pertinent.


I have a 1999 4X4 Chevrolet Z71 Silverado with about 60000 miles on it, If you are turning right at low speeds or standing still the Power Steering assist does not work if you turn left at any speed it works fine! I have lost no fluid and have not been in any accident! I removed most of the fluid and used Lucas Power Steering fluid 2 days ago and it did not help! The trouble started about 6 months ago and has gotten worse with time. I ahve been told that I need to swap out the steering Box.

Thanks for any help!

While it is possible the steering box is at fault, I wouldn’t omit a faulty steering rack.

How many pressure hoses are connected to that box? If there is only one high pressure one, feel free to change the steering box and maybe it will fix the problem.

One other thing which may not apply. Has the front end ever been greased or checked for broken or worn out parts? We used to have landing gear that wouldn’t work until somebody greased them. There was this attitude problem in the AF during the 70s. It was the Supertramp theory about who was doing the work. Some they do and some they don’t and some you just can’t tell. Some they will and some they won’t and some it’s just as well. Take the long way home.

I believe this truck has a VSS, it’s a speed sensor that varies the power steering assist at different speeds. If this sensor fails it can cause the type of problem you are having.

Thank you! What is VSS? Where would this sensor be and would I call it a speed senosr when I call the parts store?