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1999 Chevrolet S-10 - Does not start

truck doesn’t start, lights, wipers and dash light up, battery charge is at 25 %. Cable are tight on battery any suggests.

I suggest you tell us more about your car and your problem. A good place to start is what do you mean… battery is at 25%? Is that cold cranking amps? You had it load tested? Or voltage is down to 3 volts? Will the battery take a charge? Have you tried to charge it?

What engine? How many miles? Can you jump start it?

Me thinks that is a clue . Might be a good idea to get a new battery because you are going to need one soon anyway.

I have a new battery

We don’t know what 25% is. 25% of anything concerning a battery is not good. You need to find someone capable of doing a battery and charging system test. Your battery will need to be charged properly first. If you get your battery charged, maybe you can get the vehicle to an auto zone or a repair facility to check it out.

Is the engine even cranking over?

Is 12V getting to the starter solenoid?

Does it start in neutral?