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1999 camry 2.2 rebuild/no start

I have done some work on engines with longer firing orders so I thought that my 1999 Toyota CamryLE 2.2 5SFE would be a nice diversion. I sent out the block and head and they shop ordered parts. I have a full set of original Toyota manuals for the vehicle. The engine has been reinstalled and it will not start. It goes chug chug chug plunk… chug chug chug plunk…I figure that the timing is off. Both marks are a lovely straight up. Crank pully indicates “0” degrees on the lower timing belt cover. When the engine was out, I could look through the hole in the camshaft pulley and see that mark also. Being ignorant, after several efforts, I bought a new timing belt. tension pully(s) and springs in a complete NAPA kit. It came with two springs and the second one certainly provided a better tension on the timing belt itself. Could it be a sensor? so many connections, so many connections…thanx.

Before I pull the valve cover off to verify canshaft timing is correct, Can you tell me, to align the two camshaft gears, one gear has two marks and one gear has one that meshes in between the two marks, right?

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