'99 Camry - Engine Cranks but Won't Catch - Video/Audio Inside

I let it sit too long, battery only had 9v (multimeter tested). I charged it to 12.8v externally, put it back in car.

Car started perfectly, closed the hood and 3 seconds later the car just shut off.

The car previously never had any problems starting in the 2 years I have owned it.

I could just junk it but I figured why not ask a seasoned mechanic online first, so that brought me to you fine people :slight_smile:

Research I have done is that it could be the fuel pump, spark plug, or timing belt.

Video of my engine trying to start:

This youtube video here seems very similar in terms of sound and feel of what I see and hear in my car (first 20 seconds of the video):

What do you guys think?

Scrap it or maybe not?

Thanks so much for any help, really means a lot!

I’m thinking you may have an electrical problem, maybe something minor like a blown fuse. A 99 Camry probably has a lot of miles left in it. Check the easy to see fuses.

(I’m not a pro mechanic, just a diy’er btw.)

I updated my video so it is on youtube and no longer dropbox so it should work now.

George, thank you so much I am going to start googling to see what I can come up with and check out the fuses.

Thanks George, alot!

Based on the rapid cranking speed I would say the timing belt has failed.

Ok so there are several possible issues. You will have to go through the process of elimination. The first thing you need to check is fuel pressure. You can either go rent a tester from your local parts store or disconnect the fuel line and try to start it. If gas comes spraying out of the line then you have fuel pressure. If you don’t have fuel pressure then check the fuel pump relay and fuse. If they are good then you have a faulty fuel pump assuming wiring is ok and I’m sure it is. If you do have fuel pressure then check for spark. Let me know how far you get and I’ll help you from there. When a car won’t start you have to go over the FACTS - fuel, air, compression, timing, and spark. It needs each one of the working to start successfully

I agree.

Failed timing belt

The engine is turning over too fast, like there’s no compression.


That’s the first thing to check, and easy: take off the oil filler cap so you can see the valve train. Maybe use a flashlight. While someone cranks the engine, can you see movement (turning shaft, up-down of cam followers, etc., any movement under the valve cover?) If not, the timing belt is broken or slipped off.

Sounds just like my 99 did when the timing belt let loose. If you replace it yourself be wary of the timing marks. There is a mark that looks like the one you need on the cam sprocket, but it really isn’t. If you use the wrong mark it will run ok at idle, just not real well if you try to go any where. It took a coupe tries before I had it right. Luckily it is not an interference engine.

Do both the straight 4 5sfe and the v6 1mzfe engines use timing belts then?

pretty sure they both did.

It’s a 4 cylinder.

You can see the exhaust manifold shield, the valve cover, and the intake manifold in the video.

Timing belt.



I have a repair manual for that generation of Camry, and they both used timing belts