1999 Cadillac Deville Gasoline gauge


Hi there, my father’s caddy has an electronic information display that works well except for the gasoline meter. It randomly shows a number from 12 gal to “F” (indicating full tank) even when the tank is near empty. He keeps track of mileage so it hasn’t been a problem so far, but it’s something that should be fixed. Dealership says that the entire gas tank has to be replaced in order to fix this display error. Any other suggestions?


Randomly going out could be the engine control computer too. Not likely if there are no other symptoms like fast idle and no power.


Likely the in tank sensor or wiring to it.


Any thoughts on how to fix it?


I believe the fuel pump and fuel level sensor are an integral unit, though I believe you can but them seperately from places like Rock Auto.

You may well be faced with dropping the tank to replace the sensor unit, but replacing the gas tank itself ?

Nah !

I don’t see it.