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1990 Lincoln Town Car Fuel Gauge Problems

I recently had the fuel pump replaced on my 1990 Lincoln Town car. Now the electronic fuel gauge shows empty all the time. What gives? Prior to the repair, I had intermittent problems with the gauge which showed accurately at times and at other times, it jumped around a lot. At times, the display disappeared completely and showed “HA” (I think) under the “distance to empty” display. Do I have a fuse problem? Do I need to replace the entire display?

Checking the fuses would tell you whether or not there is a fuse problem.

If the gauge problem occurred in conjunction with the fuel pump replacement I suggest you take the car back to whoever replaced the fuel pump and let them fix it. They should be able to test the output from the fuel level sender and determine whether the problem is the sender or the gauge.

Maybe they just forgot to connect the wiring to the sender.

It’s almost certainly the fuel level sender in the gas tank, and not the digital cluster.

sounds like bad ground possibly