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1999 BMW A/C Intermittently blows cold


My A/C has gone haywire. Blows cool(not ice cold) on driver side and less than cool on passenger side. It will blow cold on driver side intermittently but NEVER on passenger. Already checked the freon level and it IS at proper level by verifying it on a/c gauge while hooked and idling with a/c on. Even though the level is proper, might it need a complete vacuum of system then recharged?

Let’s check some free stuff first.

Are you using the “Recycle” mode? If so you might just be icing up. It is also possible from the description that it may be a vacuum problem. The car’s vacuum is often used to control the blend doors that control the air flow through the A/C - heater.

If that does not help, then I suggest a real A/C shop, not the dealer, not a mechanic, they may hide out as a radiator shop during the winter. They have the equipment and experience to resolve this kind of problem rather quickly and accurately. They have the professional grade tools and experience to do the job.

Good Luck

Since a model change happened real close too 1999 is this an e-36 or e-46?