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1999 BMW 323i convertible top repair


Needs convertible top worked on–repair work on fabric seam around back window and when lowering the top is bangs against the plastic cover that conceals the top when fully retracted. Who in Indiana can I trust with experience to fix it right?

Most large upholstery shops can work on convertible tops. Check out some in your area and look at some of their work before you decide on one.

BMW has published fixes for both the tops not closing correctly and replacing the rear window. Can you believe that the Dealers gave these jobs to mechanics? One minute you are doing drivability or replacing someone’s catalytic converter and the next it is this tedious convertible top repair. There was a lot of this type of work to do so you needed to get good at it and it was the greatest sport in autorepair watching who would be able to figure out the fixes and get the job done and who would be reduced to tears.The first one I did took me 3 entire days (it ends up taking about 4 hrs after you figure out what the *** they are talking about). You install these “helper straps” that force the convertible top bows to fall or fold in the correct order under the correct pressure. The rear window is a job for someone good with zippers. If you can zip two sleeping bags together you have the needed base skills but if someone does not show the the “good” and “bad” way to zip in a new rear window it can be very frustrating. I have poabably done 5 tops and 3 windows. I am much better with Camaro convertible tops, this e-36 convertible top is hard to figure out but the info is out there and the kits are available from BMW.You want to find a man that says they have done the job before and does not have to be threatened into taking on another.I would not pay over 4-5 hours for the BMW fix.