Replacing convertible top for 2001 BMW Z3


Anyone have experience with replacing the convertible top? Stitching is going and back window is loose.

No experience with this car in particular. But I replaced the top on a similar car - Honda S2000. I did the job myself with the help of the internet. Just for reference, I’ve rebuilt every major subsystem on a car except AC, including manual transmissions.

Replacing the top was a huge PIA and I would NEVER do it again! I would pay a shop to do this.

Just a few tips, take it to a shop that does LOTS of tops - experience helps. Don’t cheap out on the material - Haartz is a big player here. If you have a plastic rear window, if glass is available as a retro-fit -DO IT!

Good Luck!

Thanks appreciate it. I have done most of the work on the Z3 myself as well but the top looks complicated even on youtube.

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