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1999 blazer no start

Vehicle turns over, but does not start. I do not hear the fuel pump when the vehicle is switched on. Fuel pump was replaced back in December 2010.

Thanks for the report.

Would you like to ask for help?

If so, then maybe you could say a little more and pretend that you’re trying to strike up a conversation with complete strangers (b/c you are).

For instance, you say you don’t hear the fuel pump. Well, sometimes its just hard to hear. Is the fact that you can’t hear it a new thing? Or did you only just start to listen since it won’t start? Did you maybe pull the gas cap and listen at the filler neck while someone else turned the key? Did you check fuses and relays for the fuel pump? Is there an auto shut off and did you check that? Do you know whether or not there is any fuel showing up at the fuel rail?

On another subject altogether, did you happen to check for spark?