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1999 Altima antennas

I recently purchased a 1999 Altima that supposedly had a power antenna. There was no antenna at all, just the opening for it at the passenger side of the trunk. I went to the local dealership, who’s parts guy looked up my VIN # and ordered a power antenna for me.

When I went to get it installed, the mechanics told me my car was made with a manual antenna. I can’t believe Nissan would put a manual antenna in that location. Anyone know what’s up? Thanks

Your first priority is to cover the opening left by a missing power antenna, since rain and snow will get into your car’s body and that will effect anything electrical it finds.
Otherwise, the parts guy bought a part for you. How much did that part cost? If it was between $100 and $200, I’d say he ordered you a power antenna. If you paid less than $50, an ordinary antenna was ordered and the mechanics are right. Of course, you may have spent $200 for a $20 part that any self-respectingly dishonest dealership might charge as much as $50 for but which decided to soak you for the power antenna price anyway. In which case, you have been robbed.

Some Altimas came with a stationary antenna located just right of the trunk on the passenger side. Mine had one.

The parts were around $200 with $50 labor. They told me the manual antenna would cost around $95. The previous owner put a tire valve stem (!) in the opening to plug it, so no problem with precipitation. I still can’t believe this car was stocked with a manual antenna. They said there was no power wires routed back there to power the motor. I did find the antenna wire from the trunk to the radio. Is there a separate power source wire that should be there to power it? thanks, harv