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1998 Volvo S70 - Dash lights

Dash lights on; ABS, Trac off, and check engine. Mileage 132,804. How much to fix? Car at local auction. If I get the car for $100 is that a good deal?


Impossible to guess

Sure, you can probably get more than that for scrap! Seriously, I wouldn’t buy a 21 year Volvo, repairs are expensive, and at that age, you’re likely looking at a large number of them!!


Absolutely not a good deal. Volvo parts are expensive , 21 year old Volvo might not even be able to find parts and you will spend more money than what buying a good used vehicle will cost . Also this is not even a collectable vehicle.

Agreed. Stay away from this one.

A friend had a Volvo around this vintage. It cost a minimum of $500 every time it went to the shop. And the car was in the shop a lot.