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1998 Volkswagen Cabrio (not batting her eyes)

My windshield wipers gave out on my during one of the down-pours we experienced here in Chicago. Well besides me being one unhappy camper I don’t know the root of the problem. When i turn the wipers on i can hear the motor running but the wipers don’t move. What gives and how much might it cost to repair???

Check the wiper arm linkage back to the wiper motor. Something may have come loose or stripped.

BTW, there is no need to go to a dealer for this repair. Unless the wiper motor needs replacing, the cost shouldn’t be high. You can get a couple of estimates.

Find a reputable independent via word of mouth (co-workers, family, relatives, etc).

Get some RainX and treat the windshield as directed. This will help you see in the rain until the wipers are fixed.