Mercedes one-arm windshield wiper

The wiper on my car started “sticking” earlier this year. I took it to my mechanic who at first wanted to replace the whole system. I couldn’t afford it at that time - $700!! - so he took it apart and oiled it. That seemed to do the trick. I have lately noticed it starting to stick again. Have found a good used wiper motor off a car with 66,000 miles on it for just under $200. Do you think I should go that route - get the part and have my friend put it in?

If you can get anything fixed on a Mercedes Benz for less than $1,000, you are doing pretty good. If I owned a Mercedes, I wouldn’t be cheap about something like this. That $200 part might solve your problem and it might not, but spending $700 will solve your problem. You could easily find this changing from a $700 job into a $900 job.

Why do think the motor is the problem? There is more to this system than the motor, like cams and articulating arm etc. Do you have the whole arm mechanism? Or, just the motor?

If the part is used, won’t it be in about the same shape as what is on the car now? Perhaps you can treat the windshield with RainEx. Then you might not need to use the wiper too much at all!

You can try the $200 repair, but be prepared to spend $700 if the friend botches the job.

Interesting thought. Thanks.