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1998 Toyota Corolla - 101k Mi/What's the Necessary Maintenance?

From my daughter:I really hate to get rid of Claire-1998 Toyota Corolla, 101,000 miles;she SHOULD go for another 100,000, and having a car loan would make things a little more stressful.
What we did:
Cleaned throttle body and intake manifold
Replaced MAP sensor (Claire’s generation does not have a mass airflow sensor)
Replaced PCV valve
Replaced idle air control valve
Replaced spark plugs and wires
Replaced alternator
Load-tested battery multiple times
Tested engine coolant temp and throttle position sensors (tests may not be reliable)
Starter only two years old. Car always starts again no problem.
I DID go back to my regular car insurance-no plug-in device.
I bought crank and cam sensors for our neighbor to install.

What exactly is your question, Roger?

A 1998 100K Toyota isn’t about wear and tear. It is about rust and rot.

A cooling system flush and oil change (if it’s been a while) would be a good idea. When was the last time the transmission was serviced?

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Please tell us why you replaced the alternator and are planning to replace those other sensors. If they are currently working, you are almost certainly better leaving them alone. And definitely don’t replace them with anything but Denso.

When was the last time the coolant was replaced and same for the transmission fluid?