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2012 Toyota Corolla - When to replace

I have a 2012 Toyota Corolla with 87K miles. I was wondering if I should replace it but my grown son said, no need, they’re good for over 200K. However, your answer to the guy with oil leak at 104K seems to suggesting that his mileage is the culprit and more problems will follow quickly. Did I read this right?

You must be replying to a Cartalk article that people on this site may not have read. I see no reason to just replace this vehicle unless you just want something else. What you can do is pay a garage to look at it for obvious problems . Also make sure all scheduled service is up to date . Such as timing belt if it has one , brake fluid change , coolant change and just drive on. 87000 miles is nothing on modern vehicles.


Thanks. Nice to know my son was right all along. I have kept up with all the scheduled maintenance so I’ll just continue on my merry way. Thanks again.

Agree! My Corolla is a 2007 and has had only one repair. These cars have timing chains, good for the life of the vehicle, and good transmissions. You can aim for 200,000 miles as a good design life before major items spell the end of the car.

Happy motoring!

Allow me to chime in as a fellow Corolla owner. Mine is a 2009 with 113K and it runs like a new one. I had the water pump replaced at 59K under warranty, I’ve had the alternator replaced, and three of the four ignition coils. My mechanic says he’s pretty sure the remaining coil was replaced before I bought the car. That’s pretty much it in terms of non-maintenance mechanical stuff, which is not bad IMHO for a 10+ year old car. I expect to be driving it for quite a while. Keep your Corolla and soldier on with the rest of the Corolla army.

I gave my son my 2009 Corolla several years ago and it has a lot of life left, now has 150,000 miles. Maintenance almost identical to @davepsinbox_157004, water pump under warranty @ 35,000 miles . Just replaced the alternator this week. Coils within the last year or so. Keep up on oil changes and the engine will motor on for a long time. If the transmission fluid has not been changed, consider doing that soon.

Thanks. I am keeping up on maintenance schedule. Glad to hear your advice.

Thanks for your info.

I hear you. Will do. Thanks.