1998 Toyota Avalon won't start randomly

I have a 1998 Toyota Avalon with 125K that has a new battery, new battery terminals, and new cables. However, at random times it will not start when you turn the key. You turn the key…all the lights come on but nothing. It does not turn over, make any noises nothing. If you continually turn key off/on it starts most of the time. On the occassion it does not start after a few off/on turns it jump starts easily. This occurs about 2-3 times a week. What could be happening? Could it have anything to do with the security system? Any suggestions appreciated

This is often caused by worn contacts in the starter solenoid, which can be replaced, or you can replace the starter. Google ‘Toyota starter solenoid’ for more info. This happened to mine, new contacts fixed it (get the center round one along with the two side ones).

Texases is right on the money. A good dealer can replace the contacts for under $100 and it almost always fixes the issue. Don’t let them sell you a starter until the contacts have been replaced.

If it doesn’t start in park, try starting it in neutral. If it does start, suspect the neutral start switch, sometimes called the neutral safety switch in non-Toyota cars.