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1998 Toyota 4Runner Limited

I have a 1998 Toyota 4runner limited with about 230000 miles on it. It is in need of a new rear seal, timing belt and possibly some other minor mechanical repairs. Also in need of minor cosmetic help and intereior new leather front seats, center console cover redone. Also the leather steering wheel needs to be recovered. New Tires all around. I am looking at about 4k or so total. Also since I had an accident a few yrs ago and the frame realigned “within” specs its never tracked quite right…I have a wobble, kinda like a resonant vibration that requires constant wheel alignments and tire balancing far more often than needed to keep the wheels from being ruined and further wobbles/chooppyness. I am wondering if the outlay is worth the money? I purchased the vehickle new and have had great luck with it. Should I spend the money or purchase another vehicle? Thank you in advance.

Tony Williams






Thank you for serving our country.

The wobble would be the deal-breaker for me. I would look for a different vehicle. Maybe keep the Toyota if you do some off-roading or towing or hauling. (short distances. slow speed)

You have described repairs that far outweigh the value of this vehicle. Not even close to worth the money. If it has tremendous sentimental value, just park it in the back yard. Otherwise, off to the junkyard.

Sorry, but anytime there is frame damaged as you described the vehicle will never be “right”. I agree with mieich on this one.