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1998 Subaru Forester- AC not working

Last summer we had our Forester’s AC charged and it worked great. Last week, the weather began to warm up and I noticed the AC wasn’t working well, I brought the car in and asked them to take a look. I was told it was fine. Well, it’s not working. What should I ask them to check? I’ve always liked our shop, should I go elsewhere?


Not all shops are versed really well in A/C. If they charged you though for the check by all means return.

If the guages show that the system is operating correctly, the problem may be in the air handling after the evaporator, i.e. inside the car under the dash. It could be a blend door problem or the ventilate/recirculate door may not be moving appropriately. When they finish with the service, they should be able to demonstrate that there is the specified temperature at the air outlets. Ask the technician to put the thermometer in one of the center outlets so you can observe the exact temperature.

It does sound like this is a shop that isn’t well versed in A/C. Do you know what they actually looked at? What they might have checked was just the pressure in the system which can be within specs while the cooling doesn’t work for various reasons.

They should also check the temperature of the air being blown out w/ the A/C on. If they don’t do that, I would try to find someplace that is known for being an A/C tech place.