1998 Olds, Fuel Pump

When the ignition is turned off and the car is standing idle, you can feel the fuel pump kick in and start vibrating. It should not be getting any power at this time because the key is out of the ignition. This has been going on for months and constantly wearing my battery down. Has anyone had this experience and, if so, what did you do about it?

Could it be like the cooling fan - which comes on all by itself when the engine is turned off but is still hot (in the summer)? Maybe you never heard it before . . .

Thanks for that idea but that isn’t it. Any other suggestions?

On your Christmas wish-list, you can put “fuel pump relay”. Then, when the weather turns warm, you could go under the hood and change it. Does that sound like a good deal, or what?!

You could have the automatic leveling system on your car. The compressor has been known to do that. It would depend on which Oldsmobile you own. If you have the biggest barge they make. the compressor is on the left side of the engine compartment, in front of the master cylinder. You could also have the electric antenna mast that can have a short circuit.