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1998 olds 88 coolant leak

I have a 1998 olds 88 with 120,000 miles. It’s leaking coolant somewhere. I never saw drips on the floor until today, but its been using coolant for a couple months.

I started it cold, it was leaking a lot from the bottom of the radiator area. I turned it off, grabbed a pan, stuck it under the leak, started it - and I couldn’t see anything leaking from the bottom anymore.

Any idea of the most like likely cause of the leak?

Could be a loose hose clamp or maybe from a bad rad cap.

Losing coolant but no visible leak could mean a leaking head or intake manifold gasket (allowing coolant to mix the engine oil).

A bad head gasket could force coolant out of the rad via a faulty rad cap or weak spot in the hose or even force the coolant out the top of the coolant reservoir if there is enough pressure.