1998 LeSabre

Engine light won’t go off - printout says it’s running lean - replaced mass airflow sensor, upper & lower O2 sensors, spark plugs, wires and coils. Any idea what else I need to do to get the light to go out so it’ll pass inspection?

After spending all that money, you really need to just invest $100 for a computer diagnosis. The computer can see what each of the sensors is reading and see where exactly the problem is. They should also do a fuel pressure test to see if the fuel pump is doing its job.

You probably just have a small vacuum leak someplace. You can find these by feeding some unlit propane/butane all around the intake & vacuum line/connections or spray around with some carb cleaner or something similar.

Also check the main air intake snorkel really well, especially in all of the creases & folds.

Cigroller, Looking for a new trick, can you explain further the process? What am I looking for etc.? PLEASE! Feed propane and see if you get pilot light action? :slight_smile:

The propane trick is the same as a spraying carb cleaner or similar trick. A vacuum leak is sucking in air - or anything in the air around it. So you get it to suck in something flammable. If something flammable gets sucked in where there is a vacuum leak, the idle will respond to it.