1998 Jeep engine trouble

I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6 cylinder. We can’t drive it currently due to the fact that even though it has coolant it overheats. I took it to the store and it started making a clicking sound and even though the temp was not too hot it wants to stall when I take my foot off the gas unless I goosed the gas pedal.**I have no idea what it could be. Belt’s look good and were recently replaced by the auto shop.

Is the antifreeze brown, and rusty looking? Maybe corrosion has rusted the water pump impeller away, or the thermostat or fan clutch could be bad, just to name a few possibilities.

Could you be more specific in the clicking sound? That sound could be a indication of major engine damage.

Did you check the coolant in the radiator, or just the reservoir? Do it when the engine is completely cooled off so it doesn’t do an impersonation of Old Faithful geyser. The radiator should be plum full, and the reservoir full up to the mark indicated.

You were correct. The radiator took a full gallon of coolant and now when I run the car I see water around a hose that leads to maybe the water pump on the driver’s side of the radiator. The fan blows the water so I can’t see clearly but it stops when I shut the car off… Do you think it’s the water pump?

The leak could be from any place. On an eleven year old vehicle, it’s time for the upper radiator hose to go (it gets the hottest). If it has never been changed, change it. Inspect all the hoses for becoming hard and cracking. Check tightness of clamps.