1998 Jeep Cherokee - sputtering and stalling

My "98 Jeep Cherokee suddenly started to sputter and stall and then wouldn’t start when the engine was hot. I had a complete tune up including the coil. Also, changed the crankshaft position sensor, two o2 sensors and the MAP sensor. The mechanic charged me $720.00. Still sputters and almost stalls, though not as often. I looked online and someone said to change the fuses for the o2 sensors,and someone else said the cat conv.was no good. I’m at my wits end! Please help! Thank you, Love my Jeep. Brian

Is the check engine light on? What codes have been set?

Suggest checking fuel pressure. Also when it won’t start, spray a bit of starter fluid into the intake to see if it starts. If it does, you have a fuel problem. If it doesn’t, check for spark.

Diagnose the problem, then replace the bad part. Guessing will empty your wallet and it won’t get fixed. Narrow it down and report back.


Have you even asked the shop why you still have problem after all that work and expense ?

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