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1998 Honda Odyssey (the smaller wagon type) bake rotos

I have owned this vehicle since 2000 and have had to change out the rotors three times on all four wheels. The vehicle had 18,000 miles on it when I bought it and now has 135,000. I do what I consider normal driving. The rotors are not changed due to excessive wear but due to brake pulsing. One mechanic said I need to regrease all brake parts every 6 months…does this make any sense?

This is a rotor quality issue. For years I used to get Honda rotors for my Accords ('81, '85 & '88) and I could count on them getting warped after a couple thousand miles (pulsating pedal and shudder). A Honda mechanic friend told me this is a common problem. I’d get them resurfaced and then they’d be good for a long time.

This last set I got for my '88 are aftermarket and they haven’t warped in 3 years. I got one of the higher grade types from Autozone.

We’ll I can say that the replacement rotors were not Honda. They were all aftermarket. Each time the rotors were changed they were done by three different shops, so I don’t think it was a workmanship issue. I had a 1990 Accord (that I bought new) for 16 years with 190,000 miles on it when I sold it. I only ever recall changing the rotors once and it was in need of another set when I sold it.
It does seem as though the rear rotors require changing sooner than the front ones.