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1998 Honda Odyssey 4 cyl 2.3L power steering - no power


I just changed two seals on Honda Odyssey’s p/s pump; high pressure hose seal and side housing seal. I never had any problems of any kind whatsoever other than very small leaks which I wanted to take of myself.

I started the engine and noticed that I have no power steering anymore. There is no noise or anything abnormal, everything works like it did before.

I did some reading, I bleed the system out of the air with raised wheels by turning wheels lock to lock I think 100 times and I still don’t have power steering, small air bubbles are still coming out in reservoir.

Right now car has 195,000 miles

What could be the problem? Again there was never an issue, and now I wish I haven’t touched the seals at all, at least I would have working power steering with minute leak.

Waiting for your answers

P.S. I been told the the P/S pump is bad but I don’t buy it still.