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1998 honda civic sport

my car drives fine till it heats up then if I come to a stop it won’t go into gear

Is my tranny shot or is this fixable?

Miles? Auto or Manual?

More than likely you master or slave cylinder is failing do to heat. That’s if it a manual.

If tranny oil hasn’t been changed, I’d do that too.

It’s an auotmatic and has about 260,000km

"if I come to a stop it won’t go into gear "

OK, what do you mean? Does it go into a neutral by itself at a stop (lever in D but no go)?

Yes it won’t move in drive it won’t move in reverse eventually it does but very slow

does it have the proper level of tranny fluid?

Assuming that you have already verified that there is sufficient fluid in the transmission, I think it is fairly clear that you need to have the transmission overhauled. Because the cost of this work could be as much as the book value of the car, you will have to decide whether a 16 year old car justifies spending somewhere in the area of $1,500-2,000 on this repair.