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1998 Honda Accord transmission

Hi all,

my transmission failed a few weeks back, it was a BAXA. I bought a new MCJA and replaced it myself. New trans is awesome, except for one problem, due to gear ratio difference the speedo and rpms are off, is there anyone out there that know how to make it work like my old transmission. If my speedo says 80 MPH I,m actually doing 73.

I don’t know if I have the answer for your problem but are you using the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) from the old transmission or the new one? You probably should be using one from the new one.

Its not the speed sensor but the transmission computer/ engine computer. The gear ratio either has to be learned using the dealer programming interface or using a special magic procedure usually only found in the original transmission service manual. I do not specifically know this model sorry to say.

The VSS that came with MCJA had a different connector, so I had to take off the VSS from my BAXA. I’m leaning towards the gear ratios not correctly programmed in ECU. I guess I should talk to a dealer and see what they suggest.