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1997 Honda Accord rebuilt transmission

I recently had my 97 accord transmission replaced with a rebuilt one and immediately noticed that the RPMs are higher than with the old transmission for equivalent speeds.
I used to hit 60mph with sub 3000 rpm but not anymore and when on the highway I usually hit 100mph with just over 4000 rpm but now 4000 rpm only gets me slightly above 80mph.
The car has an F23a vtec engine and I now get worse gas mileage than before the transmission replacement.
It otherwise runs fine.
What could’ve caused this?

Sounds like it is not shifting into the higher gears. Faulty rebuild? Faulty installation? Take it back to the installer.


I think it’s shifting all the way. It’s a four speed BOYA transmission and I can hear it shifting and also see it shifting on the tachometer.

Hmm, I wonder if different gear ratios were available for this transmission? Do the shift points feel as firm as the original transmission? Beyond the scope of my knowledge. I will shut up know…lol

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Maybe the final drive gears are different, maybe the torque convertor clutch isn’t locking up. Take it back to the place that replaced it.