1998 Honda Accord LX


The A/C on my accord freezes me out of the car in the cooler morning temps on the way to work (Temps ~ 75 degrees) but hardly keeps up in the heat of the afternoon (Temps 88 degrees plus). I recently had my system evacuated and re-charged but that didn’t solve the problem. Any comments/suggestions on what the problem could be?

How long is your drive home?  

Are both fans (the ones on the radiator) running on the way home? 

Have you tried re-circulate and ventilate settings?


Did you have the ‘dryer’ checked for adequate water drainage? Have belts been checked to make sure compressor is spinning at max?


My Drive is 20 miles on the Interstate. The engine temp stays steady so I assume that the radiator fan is working. I have also tried switching the vent cooling to recirc with negative results.


My guess is that neither has been done. Is there a way that I can check these items?