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1998 Honda Accord - bypassing chip key

How can I bypass the ignition start with any key cause I lost my chip key but have the door key that came with the car but don’t have the chi so it wont keep on

It would be simpler for you to visit Honda to get a new chipped key made.

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Apparently the vehicle will not run so take your registration or title to a Honda dealer to prove you are the owner and as Mustangman says just have the proper key made. Actually, get 2 of them.

@cdaquila Here we go again , Carolyn .

Sigh. So much for Sunday as day of rest.

@kristianGutierrez welcome - let’s please keep the language clean, okay? Thanks.

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@cdaquila Sorry, Carolyn. If someone is going to erupt at the level Kristian did at what was a very good and sensible reply is saying welcome just does not seem to be correct.

I removed the post because it was profane. I asked that he clean up the language. Maybe he’ll adapt accordingly. If he keeps cursing, then I’ll deal with it. But the initial question didn’t appear to be like an effort to start trouble.

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