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1998 Ford Expedition - What else can go wrong?

I am told the manifold has to be replaced on my 1998 Expedition. Coolant leaking and affection #8 cylinder. Had plugs and wires replaced a month ago. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

20 year old SUV… With un-determined mileage… you should be aware that anything can break or wear out at any time. If it acts up, get it to the service shop soon so as not to cause greater problems. Maintain it to the schedule outlined in the owners manual.

On the 5.4 L engine I’m seeing there’s some kind of customer campaigns for a coolant/cylinder head problem (possibility of a cracked head as a result of accidentally filling w/100% coolant concentration); suggested tie rod inspection; and some sort of issue w/the multi-function switch. Also some issues w/cruise control, lug nuts, trailer hitches, and shift cable. Other than the first one, nothing overly serious it appears. Just a few niggles, as would be expected in any car, esp those having a lot of gizmos and gadgets.

This happened recently to my dad’s 2001 f150. The intake manifold is plastic, and there’s a plastic crossover tube on it. With heat and age, the plastic gets brittle and can break. His spewed coolant and damaged a coil, causing a misfire. Dorman makes an aftermarket manifold that works pretty well. Probably cheaper than the Ford part.