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1998 FORD Expedition Idle problems

my ford is having a real hard time maintianing its idle when started, especially in cold conditions. Once I get it started and warmed up it runs just fine, but I cant seem to even get it started now. When I have tried to warm it up in the last 2 days I havent even been able to start it.

Will it start and idle with just a tiny bit of pressure on the accel pedal? If so, your IAC (idle air control) valve needs to be replaced. $50-100.

How many miles does it have?
When was the last time it had a tuneup (plugs, wires, filters)?

Also, you have an onboard diagnostic system that should have store some failure codes. You may wat to start by getting that downloaded.

I’m going to guess that either your plugs and/or wires are long overdue for changing or your temperature sensor (the one that sends the signal to the eCU to richen the mix and ignore the oxygen sensor feedback signal) are the cause, but with this little info to go on it’s just a wild guess.