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1998 Dodge Durango

I am in need of a reliable family car with room. Should I buy a 1998 Dodge Durango V8 with 78km?

According to Consumer Reports, the Dodge Durango hasn’t had a great reliability record. However, on a 13 year old vehicle, the care it has had is more important. Be certain to have a good independent mechanic check the car over.

My wife and I had a Dodge Durango as a rental vehicle while on a vacation several years ago. My wife arranged the rental since she never liked the econobox cars that I rent. I will say that the Durango had plenty of room and seemed to drive o.k. I didn’t pay any attention to the gas mileage.

I had an older Durango as a rental once. I’m a Mopar fan, but I’d have to say that it handled like a pig, got miserable mileage, and the pickup left much to be desired, even with a V8. It is, after all, based on a truck chassis I think.

However, this power train is fairly well proven and should be reliable enough. I don’t think the 4.7l V8 was available on this year, but if so, avoid it, as it is prone to sludging.

I’ve found that older cars, if well maintained, are often more reliable than lower mileage cars. Probably because everything that’s a weak point has already gone wrong and been replaced, leaving a reliable vehicle.

Crappy mileage. You probably dont need a V8 for a family car unless you will be towing…

I would run screaming in the opposite direction. A 1998 Durango is worth more by the pound as scrap steel than it is as a reliable mode of transportation. Get a Honda, Toyota, or (maybe) Chrysler minivan if you need a “reliable family car with room”.

Thank you not going to get it but found a 2000 explorer with 160km for 1500 guy dropped from 3500 because he is getting deployed tomorrow.Do you think this is a better option?

I think the 2000 Explorer is maybe even a worse choice, but the price sounds OK if it isn’t just about shot.